Why Buy a Movers and Shakers Franchise?

Winning Formula

Our classes are adored. They are packed. With minimal marketing, sessions are booked up, and delighted young movers and shakers come back week after week. Parents love the reasonable price, easy booking system and pay-as-you-go flexibility. In addition, they absolutely LOVE the classes. It is a no-brainer – Movers and Shakers classes are popular!

Low-risk Investment

As far as up-front costs go, starting a Movers and Shakers Franchise is pretty reasonable. There is no expensive website to set up, no logo to create. It’s all done for you. All equipment is provided for you. We’ll pay for a launch party and help you set up your first few classes. With our guidance, you’ll soon be on your way.

Business Support

Starting a business is risky – a lot of new businesses fail. Why not maximise your chances of success by buying a franchise? With all of the support you’ll receive from our team, you’ll be in a great position to create a business that you are proud of.


This is a business you’ll love. You’ll feel fulfilled, rewarded and have loads of free time as well. Our teachers are always letting us know how much they love their jobs, so just imagine how happy you’ll be owning your own business and providing a unique and inspiring experience for babies and toddlers in your territory.

There’s still time to take advantage of our special summer offer, so enquire now and find out more!

2 thoughts on “Why Buy a Movers and Shakers Franchise?

  1. Sarah Alsharif

    Hello there,
    I have been reading with interest about your Movers and Shakers Franchise. I am a qualified Early Years Teacher who is looking for a more flexible working environment.
    I live abroad but I imagine your Franchise can be purchased and taken anywhere.
    I am in the Uk in the summer and would like to find out more details.
    Could you please send me via email information about start-up investment etc.
    Kind regards

    1. steven maddocks Post author

      Hi Sarah
      Thanks very much for getting in touch. Yes, our franchises can certainly be taken outside the UK. In fact, we already have Movers and Shakers classes running in Denmark!
      We will contact you by email.
      All the best,
      Movers and Shakers


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