Content of a Class

A Movers and Shakers class runs for thirty minutes. Parents sit with their children as they enjoy familiar songs and rhymes, learn some signs, play a musical instrument, move and dance, play parachute games, and get lost in the bubbles.

At the beginning of each session, the Movers and Shakers class leader introduces someone who will help out during the class. Young eyes will light up as the puppet assistant emerges from her bed to warm up everyone’s body and voice. Then all the young movers and shakers are ready to join in with the songs, actions, rhymes and signs.

Every Movers and Shakers session follows a theme, such as Animals, Toys, The Weather or Under the Sea. To find out what this week’s theme is, all the movers and shakers come into the circle to unwrap the week’s special object.

Each week, young movers and shakers explore an instrument. It might be a tambourine, maracas, a bell or an agogo. They discover that instruments can be shaken, rolled, rattled and scratched in all sorts of styles and rhythms to make many different sounds.

Every session ends with some fantastic parachute games. Young movers and shakers are always delighted by the parachute – especially when it is their turn to explore underneath!

To round off the session, the room is filled with bubbles, which can be chased, caught, popped or even made into bubble caterpillars.

During Movers and Shakers classes, children

  • build up appropriate core vocabulary
  • start learning sign language
  • explore their immediate surroundings
  • exercise their voice and body
  • make important discoveries about themselves and the world
  • have a huge amount of fun!