We know how much joy Movers and Shakers brings to everyone who takes part, both young and old. We know Movers and Shakers music and movement sessions are unique opportunities for babies and toddlers to play and learn alongside their adults. But don’t take our word for it!

Here is just a selection of the many additional glowing reviews we’ve received personally:

“One of the best baby classes I’ve attended with my daughter.”
from a customer at Victoria Stakes

“Great teacher; really animated and inclusive, and a nice venue.”
from a customer at The Woodman

“We really enjoyed our first class with Movers and Shakers! The location was really nice – helped by the beautiful sunshine flowing in the large windows. It’s a great space for the class, and the library staff are very welcoming. The songs, signing and extras (puppet, instruments, parachute, bubbles) were great tools to keep all children engaged and learning (as well as adults!). It was a really great class, and we will definitely be going back soon!”
from a customer at Stroud Green Library

“I took my son from the age of around 8 months until he was three and he absolutely loved this class, as did I. I’m yet to find another music class as well structured and with such great flow as this one.”

“I highly recommend Movers and Shakers to anyone looking for a fun and relaxed time surrounded by very happy babies. It’s fantastic!”

“My toddler and I have been going to Movers and Shakers sessions at Alexandra Park Library since he was a small baby. He has always loved the sessions. He enjoys the structure of the sessions so he knows when the parachute and the bubbles are going to come, but he also loves the themes and opening the blanket to see what we’ll be singing about each week. He is now really enjoying sharing the sessions with his baby sister – who at eight months loves Movers and Shakers now just as much as her two-and-a-half-year-old brother. I thoroughly recommend these sessions.”